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Felix noticed the grin on the prince’s face at the forced formality, and made a mental note to keep it up.  He was fully prepared to squeeze as much gold as he could out of Donut.

"Yes, I do go by Felix nowadays," he replied as he stood up straight.  He slipped his hood back, shaking out his hair and then running a hand through it to make sure it looked nice.  

"You heard correctly.  I pride myself on my discreteness, actually." A smug grin spread across his face, and his eyes seemed to sparkle at the mention of money.  "If it’s not too much trouble, Your Highness, I think it would be better to discuss payment after you describe this job to me in detail."

The prince bounced a little in his seat. “Of course! Yes, well..”  He leaned forward. “Of course you know of our… dear neighbor, K- Overlord Simmons?” He steepled his hands. “The king doesn’t seem to be worried about him at all but… I have some…concerns about him and his motives. Especially his motives for getting so close to his majesty.”

Closing his eyes to give a small smile after explaining all that. Donut clasped his hands together, placing them in his lap as he crossed his legs. “Basically what I want you to do is purely a little reconnaissance. Do a little spying, report to me.” The man made a sweeping motion with his hand as he spoke, he actually did a lot of gestures with his hands as he continued. “I want to know everything about this man. If he’s planning anything that could potentially harm this kingdom it’s up to me to know and make the king aware. You do understand, right?”


(whispers) its donut day





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